I wanted to follow-up on your latest news cast (great stuff by the way) regarding the collaboration between Microsoft and the OpenID community. Whilst I can understand your concerns about the “embrace, extend, extinguish” approach, in this case I do not think it applies for a couple of reasons:

first, the interoperability benefits both Microsoft and OpenID as I discuss at http://www.mwdadvisors.com/blog/2007/02/bill-gates-says-goodbye-to-rsa.html since it allows CardSpace users to exploit the benefits of user-centric identity provided by OpenID and addresses some potential phishing concerns with OpenID by virtue of the additional security provided by CardSpace;

second, because this has involved Kim Cameron from Microsoft who has actively facilitated an open dialogue with not only the OpenID community but also with the Higgins project; the Open Source Identity Selector (OSIS) initiative and Bandit.

Kim is well-respected in the identity community and was instrumental in Microsoft’s Open Specification Promise.

On a related note, given your comments regarding an interview question for Dick Hardt at Sxip, he was positive about the collaboration, as he pointed out here: http://identity20.com/?p=90