Schneier on Real ID

I’m coming to realize that part of expertise is understanding where common sense betrays us, leading us to conclusions that are incorrect though plausible. Schneier always does a great job on security issues pointing out these variances between common sense and what a genuine understanding of the field of security actually reveals to be true.

This time, he has a great write up on the Real ID program, leading off with a brief history. Others, as he points out, have tallied a conservative financial cost estimate. The bulk of this article is him applying his expertise to derive what actual security benefit that cost would net the nation.

The net-net, which Schneier has actually said before and frequently, is that this is a poor trade off. He again elucidates the gap between common sense and actual security, here, which is often quite ridiculous.

He also points to a story that I included in last week’s quick links, that Maine has rejected Real ID. He interprets this as cause of for optimism, that other states will follow.

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