Guttman Responds to Microsoft’s Response

In the last news cast, I mentioned the Security Now interview of Peter Guttman, author of the now infamous longest suicide piece about Vista’s draconian DRM. I also pointed out Microsoft’s response on the Vista team blog. Now Guttman has written a response to the response. (At the moment, the BB link is not active, here’s the direct link.)

The linked article is actually a response to what Guttman is guessing is PR spin. As he mentioned he would do in the preamble of the original paper, he’s simply updated its contents to reflect the technical clarifications from Microsoft. The PR comments seem to come in two flavors: Orwellian double speak that doesn’t really say anything or outright contradictions with what has been said by Vista engineers elsewhere.

The technical updates to the original paper do not seem to have changed it substantively. Actually, it looks like Guttman has collected further evidence and anecdotes to support his concerns.

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