The Command Line 2007-01-24 (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This episode is a feature cast.

This week’s feature is a length interview with my wife as a geek widow. Given the length of the interview, there is no new Hacker Word of the Week this week.

Download the show in directly. Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

2 Replies to “The Command Line 2007-01-24 (Comment Line 360-252-7284)”

  1. This was a great show, I’m going to try to get my wife to have a listen but it’s hard to get her to sit still long enough to listen to a podcast :). I’m still not caught up but I’m getting closer.

  2. I’m glad you liked it and I wanted to take a second to comment on the echo, especially towards the end. I forgot to do so in the news cast that followed it. That is a real echo, not an artifact of the recording rig, and I did what I could to reduce it in post. Before we start the new podcast, we’re going to have to add some baffling to the studio walls, clearly, to eliminate that.

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