The Command Line 2007-01-21 (Comment Line 360-252-7284)

This episode is a news cast.

Listener feedback this week is from a different Brian, discussing the possible successes or failures of a proposed SciFi Channel adaptation of Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age.

The sole security alert this week is some weak reporting on a key crypto research problem, the breaking of SHA-1.

In this week’s news, WSJ catches up with Capn’ Crunch, Jon Draper, Amit Singh of Google ports FUSE to Mac OSX, the NYT dings the iPhone for its DRM, Open Moko, the open source cell phone, gains momentum with a release schedule, and a “me too” file sharing app nets some silliness claiming to use Tube technology. Am I the only one that thinks of Tenacious D first, before Senator Stevens, when people mention Tube technology?

This week, I follow up on AACS and Vista DRM developments. The AACS consortium responds to the crack of WinDVD/BackupHDDVD including remarks from Michael Ayers, who was an invited speaker at Cory’s speaker series. muslix64, with a collaborator this time, is claiming to have now cracked Blu-ray’s implementation of AACS. Security Now interviews Peter Guttman and Microsoft responds to Guttman’s paper.

Download the show in directly. Grab the detailed show notes with time offsets and additional links either as PDF or OPML.

6 Replies to “The Command Line 2007-01-21 (Comment Line 360-252-7284)”

  1. Hey I’m famous. Well pseudo-famous. I’ll take pseudo famous over being famous, poor and broke like Cap’n Crunch.

    Ok yes, he’s happy. But I think it’s possible to be successful and happy.

  2. If I could only choose successful or happy, I’d take happy. But I agree, I think it is possible to be both and both is preferable to happy alone. Of course, everyone’s definition of successful and happy can be and often are unique.

    And thanks for the link for SRD–I had it in the downloadable show notes but forgot to put it in the regular posting.

  3. You’re welcome. I utterly lack the time to fool around with it this week, but I’ve tagged it for later. Darn that work getting in the way of fun. Although getting something to work late at night when the rest of the world sleeps can be an odd sort of fun. Too bad there are a few thousand end-users waiting for this upgrade and we’re now 18 hours behind schedule. If not for that pressure the thrill of seeing this monster lurch into motion would be fun.

  4. Egads I need an intern. Or to not be drinking so heavily any time near a podcast. First I post my final episode of 2006 into the feed as 12/31/200*7*, now this. I’ll fix the entry and the feed item when I update, tonight.

    Thanks for the catch, Amber.

    *embarrassed grin*

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