Ed Felten on BackupHDVD (AACS Crack)

Nice to see my understanding of how this crack works has been validated by Professor Felten and his commenters. I tend to agree with him, rather than those claiming this as a non-event, though I am call and reserved in that agreement. As I mentioned in the podcast from the 7th, regardless of the quickness of key revocation, one decrypted copy of a title is all it takes for the darknet to spread the title infinitely far and wide.

I look forward to Professor Felten’s follow up posts. His analysis is always worth the read and usually quite edifying in the amount and clarity of detail. I am curious to see if he see BackupHDDVD as such a profound crack in AACS for similar reasons or something more in-depth and technical, related to how it is specified and commonly implemented.

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