DVD Ownership Surpasses VCR

Sure, this fact is interesting for the reason stated, that it implies that whichever hi-def disc format wins the war will have a long, long way to go to in turn conquer the living room.

However, I also find it a little sad, since it marks the eclipse of the last, largely unencumbered video format in the home. And with the image constraint token in HDMI and the even more invasive controls in AACS, the de facto hi-def disc DRM standard, I pretty much guarantee we will pine for the halcyon days of CSS once hi-def penetrates as far as DVD finally has.

On the slightly more optimistic side, and dove tailing with the article, I expect we will have a solid opportunity to fight for reforms in copyright law that better match the traditional balance between the rights holder and the copy owner. As much as big media may want to cram hi-def down our throats, historical trends indicate they have a long, hard slog to do so.

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