The Command Line #77 – Listener Comment Line 360-252-7284

In this week’s intro, a brief remembrance of James Kim, more bad news from the podcasting world, a correction to last week’s monologue on the history of copyright, and a review of Charles Stross’ short story collection, Toast.

This week’s listener feedback is from Yehuda, asking about the actual mechanics of embedding CC license metadata into media.

Security alerts include a worm spread through MySpace partially due to a Quicktime flaw and a discussion of the odd handling of the patch, another critical vulnerability is discovered in Gnu Privacy Guard, and Adobe releases a security update for Acrobat Reader but not through the automatic update feature.

The Hacker Word of the Week is black art.

In the news this week, Bjarne Strousup discusses the problems with programming, OpenID seems to be gaining some momentum especially with components like Sxipper, John Batelle considers the differences between packaged and conversational media for big media, and a project to produce an Open Source car.

Follow ups this week include a softening of the Australian copyright law and more deliberation from NIST on software independence for eVoting.

As promised, the feature this week is my interview with Cory Doctorow. There is also a standalone version of just the interview available at my web site.

Download the show in plain mp3 format.

3 Replies to “The Command Line #77 – Listener Comment Line 360-252-7284”

  1. I found your podcast through Cory Doctorow’s post about the interview on Boing Boing. Glad he mentioned it because it’s a permanent addition to my list. I’m a podcaster too so I can respect the amount of work that goes into an hour show. Looking forward to future episodes and if there is ever a DC Podcasters conference we should get together and chat.

  2. Gekitsuu,

    I’m glad you like the cast. I’m not hard to find at podcasting and activists events around DC. Just subscribe to the articles feed, here, and you’ll be sure to catch an announcement of the next event I am heading out to.



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