The Command Line #74 – Listener Comment Line 360-252-7284

I’ll be interviewing Cory Doctorow on the 6th of next month, send me any questions you’d like me to ask him.

Thank you, Yehuda, for the feedback. I think I like the “I don’t always agree but I like listening,” kind of comments best. It makes me feel like I am doing something right.

This week’s security alert is about an improved branch prediction technique for cracking RSA.

This week’s Hacker Word of the Week is beta.

In this week’s news, a potential patent bomb from Microsoft, when eVoting isn’t enough, some want internet voting, MPAA is suing a DVD ripping service, and Second Life experiences copyright based growing pains over an item copying hack.

This week’s feature is a Career Story about my employment at USWeb.

Download the show in plain mp3 format.

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