Zune Can Run Linux

I think this may be the only good news I’ve read about the Zune, so far. I wonder what the Zune program manager will feel if folks buying Zunes just to install Linux ends up being a large share of whatever sales they manage to make.

I’ve stayed away form the Linux distros for the iPod because, at the moment, I’m pretty OK with the Apple software chain supporting my iPod. It is nice to know that I could switch away, if need be. The fact that this is possible is the only fact that would open up getting a Zune for any serious consideration.

The undertone of the article seems to be speculation about what the open source community could do better with the Zune’s wireless hardware than Microsoft’s initial effort. While there are any number of fascinating and fun possibilities, I doubt this is going to enable purchasing new music via the device’s wireless interface.

Now, a Songbird port to an embedded Linux distro running on a Zune would be an interesting little project, indeed.

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  1. If naught else, one could run xawtv and other command-line media players from BusyBox, use far less memory and reverse the screwing Bill Gates gave to the rest of the world. I’m working on a deal today to buy a used one for $50 USD. There’s a lot of them hitting the used market now and methinks it has much to do with people being disgusted with the whole WinBloze experience. Since it can bluetooth what need would there be to subscribe to a separate download service than the one already on your home puter? I already rip every music CD I get onto my hard drive anyway. I’m looking at it instead of an iPod because there’s not nearly as many used Apple products on the market as PC. Gee, I wonder why? I get PCs out of dumpsters while doing my recycling. Never have pulled out a Mac.But with a proper opreating system, as in, anything *nix, PCs are useable. I assume (since I haven’t got one yet) the Zune will worke out. Plus it’s used so I’m not putting more bread in Microsux pockets.

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