New Mac OSX Virus: Macarena

All general purpose computers are susceptible to developing vulnerabilities, it is the nature of the beast. I have to treat news about new virii as suspect, then, for purportedly more secure operating systems like Linux or, in this case, OSX. I don’t know if the media’s view of the average OSX, or Linux, user as thinking their system is bullet proof is at all accurate. It seems rather anecdotal, to me, rather than quantitative.

The cynic in me says that it isn’t so much that Unix users feel superior but rather the non-technical user is equally oblivious on all platforms. Technical users will usually take adequate measures, based on an informed perspective. But I tend to think my view of non-technical users is correct given how blatant wholly preventable malware has totally owned the vast majority of Microsoft boxen on the net.

Sure, Macarena is really only the second viable virus, if it even is viable, for OSX so far. But I rather think the security vendors are trying to spread their market share into new areas, like OSX and Linux, rather than that the non-techical users of those operating systems are at any more or less genuine risk than their Redmond besotted counter parts.

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