The Command Line #72 – Listener Comment Line 360-252-7284

In the intro, explaining the show name, again, for new listeners. Chatting up DC CopyNight, again, especially looking forward to November and December. And the site has a new host with a new look. The site should function the same, with the possible exception of enclosures on the articles feed.

There listener feedback from Juriaan where he asks about the privacy of anonymous discount cards, where available, and how to deal with a team member whose code is obfuscated.

Security alerts this week include some over hyping of a Windows firewall exploit, another zero day Windows exploit, Firefox 2’s second new bug so far, and another Apple WiFi vulnerability.

The Hacker Word of the Week this week is bare metal.

In this week’s news, a discussion of Creative Commons and Web 2.0, a novel UI metaphor in the endless page, Firefox’s Blake Ross and his next project, and draw and print furniture.

The only follow up this week is to point to the eVoting roundup which you’ll hopefully get a chance to read before election day.

This week’s feature is a monologue rambling around on the subject of cognitive evolution.

Download the show in plain mp3 format.

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