I read the article on knowing multiple languages, here are my thoughts.

I have had to program many major projects in everything from Matlab (DSP simulations), C (embedded systems design), C++, various assembley languages (embedded systems again), Perl (network hacking), PHP (web programming), and lately I’m learning Python (GUI’s). I have even had to do some DirectX 3D rendering projects in C#. The most challenging projects I have had are programming simulations and designing digital hardware systems in Verilog.

No matter what language I was programming in I always embraced block diagrams, FSM’s, and flow charts before coding anything. It surprised me how few others started and maintained their projects in this manner. I know I am sounding like a bit of a bragggart here, but I/my group always finished before others, wrote more unerstandable code, and our projects often outperformed other’s in school.

I think he should be thankful he has a job programming and not cleaning bathrooms or worse, programming in something like Visual Basic.

Sorry to ramble, just some thoughts your podcast provoked. Keep up the great work and thanks for the great Podcast.