The Command Line #67 – Listener Comment Line 360-252-7284

In this week’s intro, a quick and rambling discussion of Apple’s cease and desist letter to Podcast Ready and a reminder that the day against DRM is this Tuesday, the 3rd.

I discuss listener feedback from Harold, in the different formats and feeds for the show, and Wouter, continuing the discussion started with Tor about learning experiences and different languages and tools.

Quite a few security alerts this week including a FUD ridden threat report from Symantec, a forgery bug in OpenSSL for certain signature formats, Microsoft finally patchs the Internet Explorer zero day bug, and Apple’s big OS update included some security fixes, too.

The Hacker Word of the Week this week is Hanlon’s Razor.

In the news this week, Microsoft sues over crack of their DRM, curiously a judge lets a hacker go based on his character (despite previous fraud convictions), ten terrible portrayals of technology in film, and what may be the world’s oldest computer. More news and commentary at

A couple of follow ups this week, first some good news that the Copyright Modernization Act died in committee and Theo de Raadt urges us to complain to Intel about their lack of open-ness, which continues the discussion about vendors from his interview in April.

This week’s feature is a rant on how Hollywood is use high definition as a trojan horse to get DRM into the home.

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