The Command Line #64 – Listener Comment Line 360-252-7284

This is the first show since Dragon*Con, I mention some of the highlights in the intro. Also, special editions 3 and 4 will go out probably Wednesday and Thursday of this week, respectively, so as not to step on the usual download of the regular show.

Wouter sent in a comment on another usage of TOR, which I discussed in the first special edition on the panel at Dragon*Con on that project.

The hacker word of the week is security through obscurity.

In the news this week, an excellent discussion of cryptographic snake oil, resigning Debian developer Matthew Garrett’s remarks about the project’s troubles, static analysis of the FireFox code, and a novel form of social activism.

There were two follow ups, one reporting that the NSA surveillance bill has stalled (yay) and John Ellch speaks up.

The feature this week is the first in a new series of segments which I am tentatively calling Career Stories. This one is about my first web application project.

Download the show in plain mp3 or enhanced formats.

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