Back from Dragon*Con 2006

We had a blast! There was an EFF track, which I think I mentioned before I left. I have lots of notes from that track to go through, as well as tons of advice to digest to improve the technical production of my show, from the podcasting track.

I did not get any new audio. The Audio Technica Pro-24 mic I bought to go with my new M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 needs a little modification to get a cleaner sound. I tested it in the hotel room and it is just too darn sensitive. I didn’t think to bring the stock mic that came with the MicroTrack which may have worked better as a stop gap.

I am thinking I will compile my EFF notes into one or a few, short special episodes. I am also planning on registering as a guest and volunteer, next year, to participate more heavily in the podcast and EFF tracks.

I have already gone through all my photos and posted the podcast related ones to the shows flickr photo stream.

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