New Messenger Bag?

I’ve had a Yak Pak flap doozy for years. Actually, I bought it through the MegaTokyo fan shwag store. I bought another flap doozy from them it one of the pieces of hardware on the strap came apart within a few months of buying it. Yak Pak hasn’t sold this particular messenger bag directly from their site in quite some time. I ordered what I thought was the equivalent bag from Yak Pak, the small commuter doozy, and it is a joke. I can fit my 12 inch PowerBook, in its sleeve, into the bag, but that’s it. And several inches of the machine hang out, so the flap doesn’t close all the way.

Does anyone else who has either a 12 inch iBook or a 12 inch PowerBook have any suggestions of a rugged yet stylish messenger bag, large enough to fit a sleeved laptop snuggly as well as the usually assortment of geek gear, like the power brick, assorted connectors, pens, and maybe even a computer book?

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