Podcast #56

There will not be a show the weekend of the 30th, I will be traveling that weekend. If you haven’t already, go see Superman Returns. We took the whole family and while it was a bit long, it was still very good. Please check out the tip jar and let me know if you would be interested in Command Line t-shirts and other merchandise–I want to go to BlackHat or DefCon next year so figured I would push for help a bit early. I’d go this year, but already have blown what little travel budget I have, and then some.

Wouter weighed in on my rant on switching, in the listener feedback. The Hacker Word of the Week this week is Larval Stage. This week’s security alert affects Debian users and possibly Debian based distros.

In the news, eventually researchers may be able to use historical data to predict software defects, BPI threates two UK ISPs but one says no, here we go again with biased predictions of Java’s demise, and an anti-DRM kids book (mine liked it).

More on Network Neutrality, hopefully clarifying things: Rob Walch “interviews” Senator Stevens on episode 155 and Ed Felten provides a stunningly coherent white paper.

The feature this week is an Inner Chapter on Mentoring.

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