Podcast #55

This week, some listener feedback from Wouter on my review on Carcasonne. The hacker word of the week is like nailing jelly to a tree.

In the news, static analysis in Java, an interview with FireFox’s Blake Ross, project management for lead developers, US Navy appears to be trying to patent the firewall. Also, follow ups on Apple’s latest feature phoning home and Australia about to get their very own DMCA.

This weeks’ feature is on switching, prompted by all the recent hullabaloo.

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3 Replies to “Podcast #55”

  1. Hi Command Line,
    This is my second comment I’ve posted to your blog. The first was in response to #53. I enjoy your podcast and agree with much of what you say.

    I do disagree with you trivializing Linux zealotry to the point that you did. While it gets a bit silly (like some Gentoo users), I think you may actually understand it if I explain my reasons for attempting to switch, and how it relates to your frustration with Apple and MS phoing home without asking.

    For me its really all about freedom. Windows and even Apples licensing makes me angry. Like you said, it is your hardware and your network connection, you should be able to do with it as you choose and you should be able to look under the hood at all times and control what is going on. Microsoft and Apple should not be able to dictate what you can and cannot do with your hardware and network.

    Apple is less intrusive than Microsoft, but I believe the future of computing is online services, and above all, open source software. I see open-source growing (lately) at a rate that is quicker than commercial software. This I believe will be more true as bandwidth and internet penetration expands.

    Thanks again for the great podcasst. As far as the length of time is concerned, I like longer podcasts as opposed to shorter ones. I don’t like constantly having to change from program to program with some of the shorter ones, and if it isn’t stuff I can relate to, then I can skip that section.


  2. Thanks for the feedback, Brian. Sorry it lingered awaiting moderation for so long. For some reason, I didn’t get a notice of the comment being posted. And when I finally checked, there were over 50 spam messages.

    I actually typically only object when the zealotry leads to absolutism, most often as exemplified by the actions of one RMS. And lately I’ve even tempered my views of RMS with the realization that I need not agree with him to acknowledge the value he brings to the debate. At the end of the day, no one position is ever entirely right and the more we consider, the more nuance is understanding and that actions we take and compromises we make based on that.

  3. You’re totally right on the absolutism. I am hoping RMS is just acting and has figured a way to further his cause by sacrificing his reputation.

    I knew you had to moderate the comments and figured you were just busy as heck or were having problems w/ the notification or both.

    Thanks again for the interesting podcast!

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