Podcast #54

Not only did we survive the flooding, but I got our DSL upgraded! Really, the flooding hasn’t been as bad as the national and international news makes it seem. Granted, we were just outside of the area that was evacuated for the Needwood damn but no one we know, personally, suffered any damage through the storms. Oh, and I used to only have a measly 128Kbps on the upstream portion of my DSL, but with the encroachment of fiber, it seems like they were finally able to shorten our circuit enough to get the full 384Kbps the package is supposed to include.

I also review the tabletop game, Carcasonne, in the intro. We’ve turned into quite the gaming geek family and this is just our latest acquisition. Very fun, indeed.

Two security alerts, one about some research into using virtualization for rootkits (a bit theoretical) and the other about a very real thread from a flaw in OS X.

The Hacker Word of the Week is eighty column mind, just because I thought it was funny.

In this week’s news, a fire ravages Sealand, Spain outlaws all P2P and legislates levies on blank media inciting protests, a company in Sweden is apparently offering P2P lawsuit insurance, and Colorado sheriffs are war driving.

This week’s feature is a rant on freedom, in honor of Independence Day, here in the US.

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