Podcast #53

I chat about old Science Fiction movies in the intro, speculating about which films my sons will feel have not stood the test of time.

Two intriguing stories in Security Alerts, this week. First, Brian Krebs wrote a retrospective about the leaves worm, one of the first to use use certain social engineering techniques and to amass a bot net for financial gain. And a couple of research give a taste of a wireless explout that they will present at Black Hat, this year.

The Hacker Word of the Week is hack mode.

In this week’s news, a camera zapper, a great talk on the psychology of probability estimation, disabling (at least partially) Windows Genuine Advantage, and Microsoft sets its sights on monopolizing robotics.

This week’s feature is another Inner Chapter, this time on Deep Hack Mode.

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2 Replies to “Podcast #53”

  1. Your comments and Inner Chapter on deep hack mode, hit home with me. Whether I am doing embedded systems programming in C, or writing some “glue script” in python, bash, or perl, I fall into this mode. I am cranky when someone tries to pull me out of it, and I will often skip food if it is not near by. By default I gotta keep notes because I have always believed that first step to efficiently solving any complex problem is to draw it out in a diagram somehow.

    Often folks I work with (non-engineers) don’t understand why I either have to do this stuff at home, or before/after normal hours. There are just way too many distractions with cell and office phonecalls, emails, people bugging me, etc to do it then. I was once told by one of these non-engineers that I need to “learn to multitask”

    Multitasking is easy when doing the mundane paperwork, answering calls, emails, estimating project costs, but when I am working in Deep Hack Mode, I work much more sloppily and slowly with these distractions than I do in a low interrupt environment.

    Thanks for the thought-provoking and insightful podcast!

  2. Again, sorry it took so long to moderate this coment, I am double checking my settings.

    I want to say I read somewhere that multitasking is actually nowhere near as productive as some would like to think, or would like us to think. I agree, I think deep hack mode is the perfect counter example. I doubt it is the only one.

    Glad you are enjoying the podcast!

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