Thanks so much for your answer to my query about migrating from 4GL to Java. I have experience in SQL, but in perl and PHP, so the learning curve there is not much of an issue. Normalizing our data structures is the biggest issue we have to wrestle. We are looking primarily at a rich client type of deployment, although I would love to have some parts of the overall application operate in the browser.

I share your opinion of the pitfalls inherent in the transitional mode of operation. One advantage I see for us in the near term is that it gives us the ability to begin migrating our data model to the relational DB, while we refactor the business logic. We have been normalizing our data files for some time, now, as far as our keyed files allow. At least 3 times a day, I have the thought, ‘I could really use a JOIN right now.’ :-/

we also gain a lot of flexibility in our printed output, which for our clients is important. Traditional BBx printer options are firmly embedded in the 132 column, pin-feed printer world of yore, and adapting to the world of the imaged page printer has been something of a kludge. BBj, the Java-based BBx product gives us full access to PCL and Postscript print models.

Again, thanks for the information. I am looking forward to learning some new stuff.