Podcast #41

In this week’s intro, one or two follow up stories on the French DRM legislation.

In the news, Microsoft asks developers to re-write their web pages, Microsoft employees are enraged at Vista delays, first simulated life form, interview with OpenBSD project’s Theo de Raadt, and students pitted against hackers.

This weeks’ rant is about framework, components and consultants.

Download the show directly in AAC or MP3 format.

3 Replies to “Podcast #41”

  1. I’ve been hving trouble with your podcast for a bit now where my podcatch client (Juice/Ipodder) is downloadin the m4a file which winamp doesnt want to play. In your MP3 feed the m4a is still listed so thats not much help either. Am I missing a feed thats only mp3?

  2. What feed are you using for MP3s? The full, correct MP3 feed is at http://feeds.feedburner.com/cmdln and should say “The Command Line Podcast (MP3 feed)” as the feed title. If that is not working for you, I’ll contact Wouter and have him check. I have that in my podcast client, have had for a few weeks, and it appears to work for me. I’m guess you do not have the correct URL, but let me know.

  3. For some odd reason it worked this week. It seems Juice got its act together. Yes that was the feed I was using but for some reason it kept grabbing the AAC format which I have issues with playing. Thanks!

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