Podcast #40

A lengthy intro, including some work news, a reminder about the new MP3 only feed, a little ranting about how unfair that Dr. Who’s latest season has already concluded in the UK but we only just now are getting it in the US, a follow up on the knock-key device, and a couple of follow ups on the RFID virus nonsense.

In this week’s news, a new kind of DoS, an interesting piece of hacker Neil Garrett, another one on the botnet hunters, and the GPL upheld in US court.

This week’s feature is a rant on DRM, spurred by the pending French law. Cory has an interesting discussion of the potential open source ramifications. Wired has one of the better summaries. Here’s some factual coverage from MacWorld. Apple response, though a bit disingenuously. The US government shows how pwnzored they are by Hollywood. And if that is not enough, they won’t let us remove DRM even if it risks life and limb.

Download the show directly in AAC or MP3 format.

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