Episode #35

Sorry it is a little late, I was enjoying a rare long weekend with my family.

A lengthy intro, where I re-visit the last Inner Chapter on incremental improvement to answer some listener mail on re-writing software. Also, a lengthy discussion of Apple’s business in the news this past week, from wrangling with the OSX86 project site and forums to Dvorak’s nonsense about Apple adopting Windows.

In this week’s news, an interview with one of ENIAC’s co-inventors (“Pres” Eckert), Adi Shamir suggests cheap RFID could be cracked with cell phones, phishers remind us how broken our PKI trust infrasctructure is, and Macrovision tries to convince someone it has defeated DVD ripping.

This week’s feature is a review of The Best Software Writing, Vol I, compiled by Joel Spolsky and Java Puzzlers, by Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter.

Download the show directly, or grab the experimental enhanced show.

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