Podcast #34

I’m going to be moving to the enhanced podcast format, since there hasn’t been any feedback requesting me not to. I will get a parallel, MP3 feed set up, hopefully with Wouter’s help. There will be plenty of warning before the change in file format with direction to the new feed for those that want to keep getting plain MP3s.

Some security alerts in the intro: another IE image flaw, beware Google desktop copying your files, security update to the JVM, and MS patch Tuesday to include 7 fixes, two of them potentially remote exploitable.

Also in the intro, FireFox 2.0 Alpha is coming/here!

In this week’s news, BitTorrent presses trademark enforcement, Stallman will not support Creative Commons, Apple antitrust case is posssible (regardless of whether it is viable), and FTC wants to shame adware, but will it work?

This week’s feature, another Inner Chapter. This time, continuous and incremental improvement, with some counter examples.

Download the show directly.

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