Podcast #27

Oh, the peer pressure; we have a Frappr map. Also in the intro, more on data retention, thanks to Wouter. And a very brief commentary on Ruby on Rails.

In this week’s news, WPA-PSK cracking, Bush and the NSA violate the US citizenry’s rights, first XBox 360 cracks, and bad worm convinces bad man to turn himself in for our good.

Another Inner Chapter, on debugging, and an apology to Mordechai Peller, whom I credited sending me the Kernighan quote. I misread the notice from Frappr and thought Trithemius was being cute and assuming yet another pseudonym as his full name. I didn’t realize I have a listener in Israel, kewl, and it was Trithemius who sent me the wonderful Kernighan quote.

Download the show or the show notes.

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  1. I have a short comment on Ruby on Rails.

    I think you shouldn’t base your opinion about Rails on some comments on Slashdot. The productivity of Rails does not come from code generators. They are mostly used to create the skeleton of an application – empty classes, unit tests and templates. Every Java IDE does that as well. Not all code generation is evil, there is a good chapter on that in the Pragmatic programmer book.

    Of course there is a scaffolding generator that creates code for CRUD operations around a database table. But it is only meant for Rails newbies to show them how the code should look like. And is a bit overused in the Rails demos. I don’t think any serious Rails developer uses that.

    I think the weakest part of Rails is ActiveRecord. It has some nice things in it but is quite inflexible. But the good thing is that you don’t have to use it.

    Anyway, I hope you have time in the future to try out that framework. Even if you will not use it at real projects, it will give you a new way to think about web application development. And Ruby is a nice language.

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