2 Replies to “Unix in JavaScript”

  1. ha! Why?

    I’m making a jet engine out of an old Porsche turbocharger. It probably won’t work. In fact, it will probably explode… which is almost reason enough to do it…

    There is no practical reason to do this. I showed the jet engine to a woman I was dating, expecting the usual question:

    “why the hell would you do that?”

    instead, she said “WHOA! COOL!”. I was already impressed with this woman, but this reaction just blew me away! Sadly, I lost her.

    But anyway, I guess what I’m attempting to say is this, if you you have to ask why, then you’ll never ‘get it’.

    But I shall attempt to help you.

    Perhaps it was a learning experience. I can imagine that implementing an OS in any language would be a fantastic way to learn that language. Come to think of it… the jet engine is teaching me a lot about plumbing, electronics,… uhm.. fire suppression.

    Saw you floundering, thought I’d help..

    Anyway. I love the show.


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