Podcast #22

More Sony coverage, in the intro: Schneier’s take, EFF letter to Sony, and a site tracking the suits against as well as advising how to act locally.

In this week’s news, malware and EULA nonsense, EFF fund raises for bloggers’ rights, a great Guardian article on the history and issues of software patents, and poor RMS and his tin foil hat.

In conclusion, a rant on mastery and ignorance. The comment on a comment on a comment on the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition is here.

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2 Replies to “Podcast #22”

  1. Your discussion of mastery and ignorance was music to my ears. Many software engineers lack the level of introspection they need to reach a higher level of aptitude. Some seem have a hard time differentiating good and bad code, and their ignorance of their own capabilities works in their disfavor.

    The parallels of this discussion to the thinking involved in Buddhist philosophy is notable, as well, as many of the notions you discussed directly apply to better understanding one’s mind.

    I can only hope more people would be aware of the principles in the article and the points you brought up, so that they can realize whether or not they belong in software development to begin with. For those with potential, hopefully they can incorporate the right processes in their thinking to acheive some level of mastery.

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