Media Hosting Issues [Updated]

Seems like Liberated Syndication is having some issues, today. They were hit particularly hard by the crap between Level3 and Cogent a little while back and I seem to recall Level3 is having some fresh troubles. As of this writing, I can at least reach libsyn, even if the server is responding sluggishly, so hopefully anyone who has been having time outs can also reach them, now.

I have written to the support inbox at libsyn, hoping that sharing my particulars will help them resolve or route around the trouble, but have not heard back. If you feel inclined to contact them, as well, be kind considering they are a very small outfit and if this is indeed a result of problems at Level3, they are getting just as yanked around as the rest of us. I would suggest you only right to share your routing info and ISP, since that is probably going to be the most useful to them.

Updated to add: Looks like even as I was writing this, libsyn came back up fully, for me. According to the statistics, looks like the podcast listeners have been getting the new episode without too much difficulty. Still, if you are having any trouble, please think about my suggestions before writing

Updated to add: Libsyn’s support site explains what happens today. I guessed wrong, it had nothing to do with Level3. It was Wilma, which makes sense when you learn their data center is in Florida. As the support blog says itself, it’s still a bit of a mystery why the generator and backups didn’t kick in.

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