Podcast #10 (Announcement)

Sorry, no full show this week. I pulled a couple of later nighters at work this past week, preparing for the first release to which I have contributed at my new employer. At the risk of sounding immodest, I wrote more than 90% of the code going into the release. It is, however, a small patch release, so don’t get too impressed. I actually had to pick up the broken pieces left by another developer, who actually quit this past week, presumably over his botched handling of the patch. He left the entire development staff only one work week to get the code changes completed and tested, since the patch was prompted by a partner’s change to their time keeping on their cell towers.

So you can imagine how little time and attention I had to spare for preparing the show notes. Oh, and we took a three day weekend down in Williamsburg, unrelated to anything else but planned for over a month. So I am dragging. I did put together what I hope you will find is a cute announcement in the feed, so you have something to tide you over to next week.

Direct download, here.

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