Podcast #9

Maybe it is time for a logo contest? If there are enough artists in the audience, I’ll happily put up a $25 iTunes gift certificate for a new logo. Oh, and eternal fame amongst my four faithful listeners. In the news, this week, the Zotob worm and it’s attack on big media, beware any new Secure Flight related legislation, if anyone knows how to contact Patricia Santangelo let me know so I can send her my support against the RIAA, and oddly enough I think Blogger for Word may actually be a good idea (at least if we see less blog posts about what folks had for breakfast as a consequence). I ran a little long because of my discussion of Apple licensing OS X for x86 separate from their hardware (link to Dvorak’s column, link to FireFox’s troubles which I think are a result of their organic growth).

Grab the show notes and the episode.

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