WWDC: Apple Party

The bash was OK, but basically, we spent the entire night in line. In line for the bus, to get in, to get food, to get beer, for the company store, for the restroom, and back onto the bus.

It was better than that intro makes it sound. Warren, one of the guys I befriended earlier in the week, and I sat with Rachel, from Omni, and had a nice, long chat on the drive down. Again, the real highlight of this event has been the folks, not the sessions or the tech.

The food lines might have been fixable if they had re-arranged the stations. Crying shame that the beer tent ran out of Newcastle before we got there, but there was plenty of everything else. After we ate and while we finished our beer, Warren and I walked around the quad, admiring the campus.

Kind of interesting to glance in the windows and see how much the same Apple engineers and other employees are to everyone else in the industry.

The line for the company store was worst. But I had committed myself to getting a gift for my host for the week. Not too mention I wanted a few nice, Apple branded items. Got away with a silly t-shirt, “I visited the mother ship”, and a really nice camp shirt, with a subtle color-on-color embroidered logo.

Even in line for the store, we met a couple of nice folks: a lady from Carnegie learning and a fellow from Novell, by way of Caldera. Lots of interesting stories from the latter. And some impressive description of work from the former. Plus, the Carnegie lady is a friend-of-a-friend with Joshua Bloch, one of my role models and personal heroes.

Oh, yeah, and we caught a couple of songs by The Wallflowers out of their set. Not bad, though the sound system was a little off. I liked some of their early stuff but haven’t really followed them lately, so it wasn’t as exciting as, say, the Dance Hall Crashers or the Lascivious Biddies would have been.

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