GnuCash Builds!

I updated Fink over the weekend, on a lark, and tried building GnuCash from CVS. Much to my pleasant surprise, everything built with no terminal failures. I’ve spotted one or two little rendering bugs, probably somewhere in the Gnome libraries, but otherwise the package runs 100%. I am so happy to have restored one of the work horse productivity apps on my desktop.

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  1. I am still having trouble getting GnuCash running. I have updated Fink, and reinstalled GnuCash. When I try to run it, the fan on my computer runs like crazy, and nothing comes up… but I don’t get any failure msgs. Any suggestions?

  2. Catherine, GnuCash actually does this on my system, too. But with patience, I see the splash screen and the loading messages. In my experience, GnuCash ran much faster under Linux than it does under OS X, not sure why that is. Also, something to note is that I recently grabbed the new binary installer, 0.8.0, and installed it on my PowerBook. I installed GnuCash, noticing that it now favors binary installs, by default, and that all the packaged needed to run GnuCash were available. So even if your hand built version doesn’t work, presently, that may also be an option, to move your /sw directory and install a fresh copy of 0.8.0.

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