iPodderX 3.0 1st Impressions

Right off the bat, I have to say I really dig the new UI. Aside from the mere cosmetic changes, I like the augmentation with access to the full RSS feed. Many of the podcasts I subscribe to do not use a dedicated feed, so being able to see the rest of the content is quite nice. Even those that just publish media often include notes and material of interest with the enclosures, so it’s great to be able to see that, without using a separate aggregator.

I am, however, having some issues with the catch up features…

I have just over a half dozen podcasts that I have been listening to for some time. After upgrading to 3.0, refreshing all did not grab known new media for some feeds. For others, it starting grabbing everything.

I have been battling with the catch up settings, per feed, trying to get everything consistent with my download history. After a half day of pretty much just thrashing at random, it seems to be largely correct, with only one or two duplicates.

Otherwise, I have been hugely pleased with iPodderX, both this version and past ones. As I keep playing with 3.0, I’ll post more notes as they occur to me. I can say it has not addressed my personal wish list items.

I use a portable as my primary system so it doesn’t run continuously, the run in the background option isn’t terribly useful to me, unless the download features could do pause and resume. I’ll check the help, but they didn’t in 2.x and I doubt it was added in 3.0. Also, while I like SmartSpace, I’m not sure it addresses the space management concerns I have. I don’t know if it can reach into iTunes and clean out files. Ideally, I’d love for iPodderX to be able to use it’s history and delete out any downloaded files with a play count of one or more. Of course, that would be an ideal feed by feed setting.

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