Tiger Crashes

I have had the seed builds of Tiger on my PowerMac G5 at work since the beginning of the year. For all that these were betas of the operating system, my experience was that they were pretty stable. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since I usually did a fresh install each time, or at least an archive and install which is reasonably similar to a clean install.

Not so on my PowerBook and my PowerMac G5 at home.

The first application crashes I noticed over the weekend were in iPhoto. At the time, I chalked these up to the export plug-in I was trying to use, to upload to Flickr.

Granted, on my PowerMac, these are the only crashes I have seen so far. This interpretation my still be valid.

But on my PowerBook, I saw a rash of them this morning. After my battles with GnuCash under Tiger, this has not left me feeling very charitable towards Tiger.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the new features, especially Spotlight and Dashboard. Most of my crashes, too, to be fair, were in third party apps, like iComic and Shrook, but Mail crashed once during that same streak of instability.

Doesn’t make me feel the love.

I am just getting too far along to enjoy or look forward to the prospect of rebuilding my application settings and other customizations, the required price of a clean install. I have used the archive and install option with seed builds on Tiger with decent success, but there still is a sweat equity associated with keeping my working environment the way I like it.

We’ll see if things stabilize or not. At least outside of the one Mail crash, it’s possible forthcoming updates to my other usual applications will be more stable, even on a pure upgrade installation of Tiger (as opposed to a clean install).

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