iPod Woes

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 10 May 2005

You know, up until this week, I really, honestly haven't had much cause for complaint with Apple. Quite the contrary. For instance, when I first received my new PowerBook, it had a faulty latch. Apple made the replacement as smooth as possible, basically only requiring a tracking number on the return before they sent me a replacement overnight.

About two weeks ago, my iPod, my beloved, can't live without it, 4G iPod, started acting up. After I left it alone for a few minutes, it would completely shutdown. Usually, it suspends, coming back to life at a touch of the click wheel. If I leave it alone for a few days, it would shut down completely to conserve power. But, again, usually all I would have to do would be to click the select button to get it to wake, with the little Apple boot logo.

My power downs appear to be completely random. I would go days without a problem, then it would power off in the time between tossing it in my bag in the morning and taking it out again to listen to in the car. Ten minutes between actively listening and using, and it would shut down.

Worse, unlike a normal shutdown, clicking the select button won't wake it up. I have to perform a hard reset, pressing and holding the menu position on the click wheel and the select button simultaneously, for about ten seconds.

I started converting my podcasts to AAC bookmarkable format (actually, I use the feature built into iPodderX to do this for most of my podcasts, automatically). When my iPod shuts down and I have to reset it, it loses its place in whatever file I was listening to, reverting to the bookmark setting and current file in the playlist that was correct during the last sync with my PowerBook.

Again, hugely frustrating if I've listened to a few shows since my last sync. Especially since the problem seems to occur at random.

OK, bear with me, as my frustration only grows from here. I bit the bullet and requested service from Apple's online support page. That process went very smoothly, as it has in the past, except I timed it poorly so my iPod was at Apple during a cross-continental trip, when I really wished I'd had it.

It was waiting for me when I got it back with a form letter saying that either it was working as specified or that they had not had to replace the unit to affect a repair. I figured, optimistically, that this meant it was purely a software fix.


My iPod has now crashed with the same symptoms three times today. Can you spelled P-I-S-S-E-D?

Right now, I can't decide if I want to make a move and post it to my .Mac page demonstrating the damned problem so someone at Apple will believe and just fix the damn thing if I send it in again, or take it into the Apple store while it is dead, and demonstrate first hand what is required to revive it.

Either way, I have to give up my little crack baby, once again, for an indeterminate amount of time, and lose even more time in my vain attempt to keep current on my podcasts.