GnuCash and Tiger, Day Two

Posted by Thomas Gideon on 9 May 2005

So my new PowerBook wasn't as luckily configured as I had hoped. Fink could not compile oaf, no matter what I did. I suppose I could download the sources myself, but when I tried that route on my PowerMac, I just ended up wasting even more time. So my next contingency is installing GnuCash on my old PowerBook, which is still running Panther. It only took three hours to download all the source tarballs under Fink. I suspended the compile process around 11pm last night so I could go to sleep.

Unfortunately, I only have the one power supply between the two PowerBooks. My old power supply went to a friend who broke the one for their iBook. So I have to either wait until I get home tonight to continue the compile or swap notebooks for the day.

Since I installed Tiger on all my current hardware, which do you think I'd rather?

I'm still miffed that such an important application won't run on any of my primary systems. I feel anxious not having a running copy up right now, even though I only use it every other day.

I told you I've been running my household budget out of it for almost three years now. It shouldn't come as any surprise how dependent I've become.

I guess I'll subscribe to the users' list so I'll know of any fixes as soon as they come down the pike. If anyone else has any bright ideas, I am certainly open to them, at this point.