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This is the main page for my unbook project for The Inner Chapters. The Inner Chapters are a series of audio segments from The Command Line Podcast exploring the craft of programming through my own experiences as a professional developer and a lifelong enthusiast.



I have produced over four dozen Inner Chapters to date on the podcast. I think it makes sense to group these into volumes and work on them in smaller sets. I will initially lay these out chronologically but think that different organization schemes may present themselves as the project progresses, such as along similar themes or incrementally from early development through advanced topics.

I think probably about ten or twelve chapters per volume makes sense, at least initially. Of course, as the transcription progresses each volume may get tailored based on what the written material suggests.

I am starting to identify some Categories categories into which the chapters fall. Please do not alter these categories as I will be using them to shift content around to try to figure out how the various volumes should fit together, maybe even break the volumes up by theme rather than how they are now, just chronological.

Volume One

title categories status
Chapter 1: Functional Decomposition craft (complete)
Chapter 2: Testing craft, quality (complete)
Chapter 3: Design craft, design; thinking ahead to patterns, other chapters (complete)
Chapter 4: Refactoring craft, design, quality (complete)
Chapter 5: Debugging craft (complete)
Chapter 6: Conversation craft, soft skills? (complete)
Chapter 7: Continuous, Incremental Improvement craft, quality (complete)
Chapter 8: Downtime time and tasks (complete)
Chapter 9: Crunch Time time and tasks (complete)
Chapter 10: Deep Hack Mode time and tasks (complete)
Chapter 11: Mentoring professional development, soft skills (complete)
Chapter 12: Creativity craft, soft skills (complete)

Volume Two

title categories status
Chapter 1: Passion and Will soft skills (complete)
Chapter 2: Idiomatic Programming craft (complete)
Chapter 3: Programming with Intention craft (complete)
Chapter 4: Personal Quality quality (not started)
Chapter 5: Joy soft skills (not started)
Chapter 6: Failures and Errors craft, quality (not started)

How You Can Help

Right now, I need transcriptions of the earliest Inner Chapters segments. I am looking into software solutions for the earliest installments since my notes for those are rather poor. If you want to help with transcription, that would be greatly appreciated. What I am after with the transcriptions is the roughest of drafts to get started. I will be revising and building on the transcriptions to make up the book. The book is not intended to be merely a transcription of the audio, transcription is just a first step

As the material of each volume gets fleshed out, then I will need help with edits for clarity and correctness. Early on, I will also be open to suggestions just on how best to organize the material.

You must register in order to edit this wiki. I don't ask that you share any personal data or use your real name but require registration just to avoid spam and/or vandalism.

Watch pages on which you are working. This will include both changes to the article and to its associated talk in your watch list. This will help you coordinate your efforts with anyone else working on that article. Use talk to raise questions that need my attention or attention from any of the other folks working on that article.

If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch running the 3.0 OS or later, you may find the 30 second rewind and ½ playback speed features very useful if you are working on any of the transcriptions. On any desktop OS, you can install VLC which has playback speed controls. You can slow down playback by any arbitrary fraction, not just 1/2 speed.


[Si]dragon and I have created a couple of useful template for transcript.

  • {{unclear|time=?}} - use to indicate a spot in the audio where the text is unclear.
  • {{notStarted}} - for a transcription that has not yet been started; mark the article at the top, includes the {{Category:Transcription:NotStarted}} and renders a highly visible notice box.
  • {{incomplete}} - for a transcription that is actively being worked on; mark the article at the top, includes the {{Category:Transcription:Incomplete}} and renders a highly visible notice box.
  • {{needsReview}} - for a transcription that is basically complete but in need of editorial review; mark the article at the top, includes the {{Category:Transcription:NeedsReview}} and renders a highly visible notice box.
  • {{complete}} - for a transcription that is complete; mark the article at the top, includes the {{Category:Transcription:Complete}} and renders a highly visible notice box.
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