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Show Notes

Coinciding with my decision to migrate away from proprietary and closed software, back to Linux and an all open stack, I need a new solution for sharing detailed show notes. These are the speaking notes I use to produce the various segments of the show. My old outliner could easily produce PDF and opml. I have replaced that software with my dearly beloved Vim which is fantastically more powerful. With folding and autocmds, I actually have way more power to write out my thoughts in my preferred form, an outline, but as mere plain text that I can easily place under version control and transform as needed.

The prospect of cobbling together a tool chain to produce PDF and opml from my simple text format is not appealing, however. It occurred to me that there was an opportunity here to take the detailed notes in a completely different direction in terms of sharing and accessibility. I figured I would make use of this wiki I set up to collaborate on other projects to also share these notes.

Converting from simple text to Wiki markup is trivial, something I can do with Vim macros. The resulting pages will actually be far more visible to search engines, making the content of the podcast that much more findable. Also, my listeners have proven again and again they are incredibly sharp and motivated. I've received a lot of good information and corrections in the past years. Posting these notes in a wiki takes advantage of those with corrections and further information by giving them the opportunity to register and pitch in.

The Inner Chapters Unbook

I have been convinced by a few listeners to make some sort of book out of the material I original wrote for the Inner Chapters. I like the idea of an unbook as it closely follows the usual open source development model.

Getting started

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