2013 06 24

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Feature Cast for 2013-06-24

(00:00:17.707) Intro

(00:03:26.006) Interview: Dr. Pamela Gay

  • Intro
    • For those, like me, who listen to science focused podcasts
      • Dr. Pamela Gay may be a familiar name as she has been a fixture there
        • From her initial work on Slacker Astronomy through to Astronomy Cast
        • Which she co-hosts with Fraser Cain
    • A strong theme of her work is education and outreach
      • To which end she has innovated and explored the application of all sorts of new media
    • Her most recent development in that arena
      • Is securing early access to Google Glass on the promise
      • Of using it as part of her ongoing work in science communication
    • As if all of that were not fascinating enough
      • What has become very clear in the various conversations I've had with her over the years
        • Is that she is very much a hands on techie
        • Working with a lot of familiar tools from the open source world
          • To all of the amazing ends I've describe from her work generally
    • Welcome to the show Pamela
  • Why astronomy and planetary sciences?
    • Is your use of tech inherent in this field?
    • In other words, did you have other options that didn't require learning how to design databases, software tools, and the like?
  • Why science communication, as opposed to pure research?
  • Your work is more than just straight up data processing
    • It involves a fair amount of human expertise, in the analysis but also in the data processing
    • Can you explain a bit about your current citizen science work
      • And why it cannot be automated away with some clever computer code?
  • What sorts of tools and software do you use in your work?
    • Am I correct that you and your current team also have been building new software?
  • I've talked a bit about alternate business models for creative projects, like crowd funding and pay what you will
    • You are using some of these same ideas for scientific research
    • Can you provide us a little context as to why?
    • And then explain some of the things you are trying in order to keep your work going?

(00:31:10.627) Outro

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