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Feature Cast for 2013-01-07

(00:00:16.862) Intro

(00:03:14.622) Randy Chertkow, Indie Band Survial Guide 2nd Edition

  • Randy Chertkow is a long time friend of the podcast
    • Among other things
      • He is co-founder of the band, Beatnik Turtle
      • And co-author of the Indie Band Survival Guide, just released in its 2nd edition
    • I've invited him on to chat about the new edition of the book
      • As well as the state of the music industry over the last couple of years
    • Welcome back to the show, Randy
  • Can you briefly tell any new listeners what the Indie Band Survival Guide is about?
  • This is more than a book, we talked about the companion web site in the past
    • How is the web site doing?
    • Is it still a part of your thinking with the 2nd edition?
  • Why a second edition?
    • The first edition came out in 2008
    • The international version, The DIY Music Manual, came out in 2009
    • Is it just a refresh covering 3 years worth of developments?
    • Are those just more of the same or did you find new services, tools
      • That didn't really existing either in 08 or 09?
  • If someone bought the new edition, why should they get the 2nd edition?
  • Intro says not about broader shift
    • Were you tempted?
    • Or would you write an additional book on the subject?
    • Some of this does seem to emerge, if only for context
  • Are music and business schools a new audience?
    • Or just expanded?
  • What is the single most exciting development or trend to emerge since the first edition?
    • More tools for online, media rich collaboration?
    • Or drop in cost of the same?
  • Are you generally encouraged or discouraged over the prospects for indie artists in the last few years?
  • What is next for you?

(00:33:18.189) Outro

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