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Feature Cast for 2012-10-16

(00:00:17.086) Intro

(00:02:56.981) Cory Doctorow: Pirate Cinema

  • Cory Doctorow
  • This is your third YA novel
  • You wrote this book well before the defeat of SOPA/PIPA
    • Was it just luck that those real world events resonated?
    • Did you have some inkling that this online effort would play out differently
      • Than say the original web site black out and blue ribbon campaigns back in the nineties?
  • In some ways, it feels like this book was long overdue
    • It is the work that most directly deals with a topic
      • On which you speak, act and write so passionately, copyright
    • Have you attempted a novel length work like this before?
      • Or was there something holding you back?
  • Did you do research for this book comparable to the what you did for FTW?
  • Do you think it would be fair to characterize this book as largely optimistic?
    • How does that fit in with your thinking since
      • In particular the speeches you've been giving
        • On the war on and civil war within general purpose computation?
  • Spaced in between Pirate Cinema and the sequel to Little Brother
    • You worked on Rapture of the Nerds, a fix up of the short stories you wrote with Charlie Stross
    • Did you find your experience writing YA affecting this in any interesting ways?
  • Rapture of the Nerds starts as a sort of satirical send up of the hard take off singularity
    • Somewhere along the way, it becomes something more
    • The new material you wrote accounts for roughly half the finished book
    • Do this aspect evolve organically or was it planned in working on that new material?
    • One of the appeals of the whole work is the sort of haphazard sense
      • That things simply happen to Huy more or less by chance
    • At the same time, you do manage to evoke a sort of plot behind it
      • But hide it behind a sort of emergently complex veneer as espoused by Adrian
  • Humble ebook bundle

(00:54:33.188) Outro

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