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Feature Cast for 2010-12-15

(00:00:17.224) Intro

  • Notes on the interview audio
    • Apologies for the dogs barking
    • The mechanical voice that sounds off a few times while Cory was talking
      • Was his phone with texts from Alice, his wife
      • She has some imminent news that I'll let them share
    • Cory mentions Ryan Singel saying Google is being conciliatory in the wake of the Books settlement
  • Time off from the podcast
    • This Sunday I will be playing a selection from Cory's book in lieu of the newscast
    • No show on the 26th or the 29th
    • Possibly new newscast on the 2nd, we'll see
    • Definitely a new feature cast on the 5th

(00:03:40.839) Interview: Cory Doctorow, "With a Little Help"

  • You document on the book's site the cost-benefit, economic reasons for this experiment
    • http://craphound.com/walh/
    • Did it enter into your thinking at all that you could set an example for others to follow?
    • In particular, the transparent, empirical nature of your approach
      • Would seem to provide plenty of evidence upon which others could build
  • In keeping with your low cost mantra, most of the contribution of efforts has been from friends
    • Do you think, though, there is the seed of an opportunity for more small scale freelancing?
    • In particular, you didn't just pay for tangible production
    • You include in your financials some services
    • I am very strongly reminded of my discussions with Randy Chertkow
      • Of Beatnik Turtle and the Indie Band Survival Guide
      • Around competition to traditional all-in-one intermediaries
        • From independent players offering more a la carte services
    • Do you think there is room for those in a position to support writers and artists
      • To participate in these sorts of models?
    • http://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/home/index.html
  • The book includes a very frank note from your agent, Russell Galen
    • It was surprising because I think most of us would assume
      • He'd have vested interest in the current model
    • Has this always been his view or have you seen it evolve?
    • Are there others like Galen in the industry?
    • http://sgglit.com/russell.htm
  • At the risk of sounding cynical, did you ever think
    • That this could only work because of your existing reputation?
    • Or to put it more positively, do you think some or all of this approach
      • Could be scaled to match author's still aspiring to a larger audience?
  • Has inviting your readers into the process presented any particular challenges or constraints?
    • What about opportunities or pleasant surprises?
  • Is there any theme to this collection, any criteria you used for what to include?
    • Or is it more of a set of collected works for some period of time?
    • Have you thought about re-collecting stories from all of your body short work
      • Into new collections into this or a similar model
        • But with some new presentation, something that would peak the interest of existing fans
        • As well as maybe preening the works for new readers?
  • As you are planning and working on new pieces
    • Do you find yourself approaching them any differently
      • Thinking that they might go into a similar collection in the future?
  • What would it take for you to consider this project a success?
    • Are there any key lessons you've already learned that would inform future, similar efforts?
    • If it isn't too early to ask, would you do this again?
    • What might you do differently?
  • In the vein of innovation and the future of reading
    • Have you had a chance to explore Google Editions yet?
    • What are your thoughts, if so?
  • For those who wish to support you but are happy with the free editions
    • You've been running a program where they can donate copies to schools & libraries
    • I know that your recent book tours have also brought you to schools & libraries
    • It isn't strictly related to the book, but I figured you wouldn't mind me asking
      • What your thoughts are on the recent cuts in education spending and the ensuing protests?
  • You tweeted a little while ago that you've finished Pirate Cinema and are into the editing phase
    • In the wake of that, you also clarified that your release schedule for the coming year has shifted
    • Could you repeat or clarify how the pipeline of books now stands?
  • Are there any other new projects or appearances you'd like to share?
  • Ideo, designer talking about drawbacks of competition
  • Perfectibility of text
  • Anthologies with long commercial lives
  • John Berry, the famous typographer
  • "Godlike Machines"
  • PM Press
  • James Boyles' latest on evidence based policy
  • British school boy's speech on social justice
  • "The Road", Cormac McCarthy

(00:59:37.951) Outro

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