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Security Alerts for the Week Ending 9/12/2010

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Security Alerts for the Week Ending 8/29/2010

I should have posted these yesterday, going by my usual schedule. Being on hiatus from the podcast is disrupting my usual force of habit though.

Dell Streak Stumbles Over GPL Compliance

The Register has the details, driven by the hackers among Android’s larger community, of Dell’s failure to fully honor their GPL obligations with their new gadget. The Streak is an early entrant into a promising field of Android powered mobile devices, tablets. Well, it isn’t quite a tablet as the consensus seems to consider tablets in the range of seven inch screens and up. And it isn’t quite a true MID, usually coming in at four inch or so. (MID stands for mobile internet device and is a bland and worthless descriptor that seems most commonly applied to handy non-tablet devices like the iPod Touch.) The most frequent attempt at describing the Streak I’ve seen is to characterize it as an oversized phone, with all the appropriate hardware and available with a service place but clumsy to hold up to the ear.

This is one of the devices I am following with interest to potentially purchase as a successor to my aging and increasingly decrepit first generation iPod Touch. Hopefully Dell will come into compliance sooner, rather than later. Especially as the sources in question could mean the difference between having or not having the option of an after market, manually upgrade to FroYo, the latest version of Android.

Dell Streak snub enrages Android fans, The Register

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Quick Security Alerts for the Week Ending 8/22/2010

Security Alerts for the Week Ending 8/15/2010

TCLP 2010-08-15 News

This is news cast 222, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro, letting everyone know Dragon*Con is coming up. I’ll be taking a little more time this year off from the show to prepare for my travel there. There will be no news cast on either September 29th or the 5th. There will be no feature cast on the 1st and possibly the 8th, depending on what recordings I come back with and how much work they need.

This week’s security alerts are first Android SMS trojan and a vulnerability in OpenSSL 1.0.

In this week’s news artificial life evolves a basic memory, John Doe who challenged the FBI freed to speak, touch screens open to smudge attack, and the state of 3D printing. The book I mention in the a-life segment is “Complexity” by Mitch Waldrop.

Following up this week just the announcement of what Google and Verizon were up to. There was an op-ed from the two CEOs though I don’t think it added anything. There was also a ton of analysis and commentary though I am going to recommend that from EFF’s Cindy Cohn. Not surprisingly, Google has already posted a defense.


View the detailed show notes online. You can also grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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