Correction: Minor technology podcaster

The morning after each podcast release, I give the episode listen for quality and correctness. During my drive this morning, I cringed as I heard myself say, “minority technology podcaster” when talking about how I think of myself with regards to a broader point in the episode.

I immediately realized that I very badly misspoke: what I should have said was “minor technology podcaster” or better yet “D-list technology podcaster.”

I have a very transparent online presence and it is easy to see that I am in no way a minority, quite the opposite. Not everyone has a reason or opportunity to check me in this way, hence the correction.

I do not want to mis-represent myself as that is at best wrong and at worst harmful. I will include a comment in the next episode, as well. The context of the remark was hopefully not problematic. I think it is worth being abundantly clear and honest when making mistakes like this. Misspeaking is a risk of doing an extemporaneous episodes, I hope my misstatement does no harm and that I can chalk it up to a learning experience.

2017-06-11 The Command Line Podcast

This is an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In another off the cuff episode, I share some thoughts on practice, mastery and goals.

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GnuPG project holding a fund raising rally

Gnu Privacy Guard, an open source crypto tool compatible with OpenPGP and laterally supporting dozens of different uses is trying to raise funds for a few months of some additional developers time. I use GPG daily, including signing and encrypting my mail, securing online chats, keeping my password store safe, and so much more. Please check it out and help if you can. If you want to know more ways to use GPG, find me on Freenode at #cmdln or keybase.
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Breakthrough at IBM will continue to fuel Moore’s Law

Brian Barrett at Wired has a good explainer on the challenges of scaling as the backbone of Moore’s Law. He goes over the transistor design that has helped keep the trend of price to performance going in the last few years as well as a new approach IBM is optimistic will keep the trend going for several more years. No mention in the article of where miniaturization reaches physical limits but that threshold is still out. Unlike this particular development, at a certain point the realities of physics at ridiculously small scales will required shifts away from transistors and silicon.

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Diversity in open source is worse than tech in general

Klint Finley at Wired shares a good summary of the findings an some research Github conducted to understand the diversity of open source contributors. The results aren’t surprising and Finley highlights one of the most important consequence, how the low level of contribution from non-white, non-male people could make their ability to enter the profession that much more difficult. The article includes some good, broad advice for both companies supporting open source and community leaders.
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