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TCLP 2009-11-25 Interview: Cory Doctorow

This is a feature cast.

I am delaying listener feedback until the next feature cast due to the holiday week and the length of the feature.

There is no new hacker word of the week this week.

The feature this week is my third interview with Cory Doctorow in as many years. This time, we speak mostly about his new novel, “MAKERS”. My friend Dan, from Geekadelphia, took some great pictures while we were interviewing. You can see the best of those pictures here and all of my pictures from the entire convention, here.

There are no detailed show notes for this episode. You can also grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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  1. Jeremy Ross says

    You mentioned a flickr link in regard to this interview. I don’t see it in the show notes. Can you post the link? Thanks

    • Thomas Gideon says

      There are two Flickr links in the blog post itself, where I mention the pictures Dan took and then right after that, the ones I took throughout the con.

      Those links again are Dan’s photos and my photos.

Continuing the Discussion

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