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My Collaborative Audio Promo

I’ve been running a short request in the last few weeks, a call for help in collaboratively putting together a nice, finished audio promo for the show. Here’s the gist.

My favorite description of this show comes from a listener. They described it as the hallway conversation they missed out on working alone. I want to make a promo that captures that idea.

I need a bunch of questions, ones that would start a conversation. Think of your favorite segments in your favorite episodes. What is the question that would have started that discussion?

For example, one of you could have asked “Is fair use a right?” to prompt my rant in the 9/19/2007 show. Picking a show and a segment can help but it isn’t required.

Don’t be afraid to be creative, the more creative the better. After all, if I haven’t already attempted to answer your question, I may produce a future segment to do so. If I do, you’ll get credit for that segment, too.

Podcasting is all about conversations and often about remixes. I want the promo to represent that, too, and be a solid remix of your content and mine.

Once you have a question that you think fits well, here’s what you do. Record your question in the highest quality audio you can. Send it to me as an attachment or send me a link where I can download it. Include your preferred attribution, just a name or a name and a website, whatever you like.

Whether I use your audio or not, I will credit you on the promo page. If you don’t have any means to record, just write out your question and send it to me. If I like the content of your written question, I’ll find someone to record it for you. Whether I record it or not, you’ll still get credit on the promo page.

Send me your question by October 15th. On that day, I will randomly draw some of your names. I will have a few prizes to reward your participation. Among the prizes, I have a copy of Cory Doctorow’s new book, Content, and Beatnik Turtle’s album, All in a Day’s Work. On the 22nd, I will announce the winners and share the promo.

Thanks for listening and thanks for helping me out.

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Continuing the Discussion

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    […] took part in the „Collaborative Audio Promo“ by commandline and I actually won a prize: ©ontent by Cory Doctorow! Thank you, Thomas! […]

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